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The Concept... The System... The Results...
Ingenious Powerful Referrals
  • Does Your Client Gift Gain You Access To Your Home Buyer's Sphere Of Influence?
  • Is Your Client Gift As Unique and Personal As Your Client's New Home?
  • Your clients already use email to notify people of their new address. Shouldn't your information be attached?

What is a First To Visit™ New Home Presentation?

Simply enter your information and upload your photos to our easy to use template, and you're ready to go! Use our custom "Postcard" to send a link to the Presentation to your clients. People are so eager to show off their new home, that they will send their First to Visit™ New Home Presentation to everyone in their email address book. Instantly you just gained access to everyone in your client's sphere of influence. No more awkward moments when you ask your clients to give you the names and phone numbers of your friends who might be moving in the next 6 months to a year! No fear of rejection!

Your name and contact information is literally right in front of hundreds of their friends, family and co-workers. The Presentation is designed to include a testimonial from your buyer client about the excellent service you provided. This gives your buyers the opportunity to become a spokesperson for you without realizing it.

Our Client Gift does so much more than traditional gifts. It will set you apart from your competition and will get people talking about you.

Our Presentation works effortlessly, effectively, and will consistently produce more referrals than the traditional gifts currently being used by many agents. Your clients will thank you for it!

The First To Visit™ New Home Presentation is the first marketing tool in the real estate industry designed to reach the untapped target market of a buyer client's sphere of influence.

What Does This Include?

We offer a Presentation Plan to fit your budget and your sales volume. You can choose to purchase Presentations as you need them, sign up for a package of Presentations at a discounted price, or for our large volume customers, you can choose unlimited Presentations for one year. Learn about our Optional Services like the GET ME STARTED! Service to save you time!

Single Presentations start at just $35.00 each!

Every type of account includes the following:

  • Template to create a professional looking Presentation
  • Website Hosting for your Presentations
  • Professional E-Mail Template to notify your buyer of their new gift
  • Control of your site's content, color, music and links
  • Upload up to 14 different photos per Presentation
  • Reports - Find out how many Hits your Presentation is getting, print a complete presentation Client List, and review the Guestbook comments per client
  • Presentation Editor - Easy access Tour Editor for Presentation Management, Tips & Solutions
  • Enter your profile and the info of your Lender or Builder once and it easily inserts into every Presentation without duplicate entry
  • Complete On-Line Support
The Best Way To Say "Welcome To Your New Home".

Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved. February 2004.

Sample Presentation

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Link to First to Visit™

Add a link to your custom Demo First To Visit™ New Home Presentation on your web site. Displaying this link will separate you from your competition by showcasing an added benefit you provide.


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