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âFirst to Visit is the soft sell referral concept I have been looking for! Your program is simple to use, yet impressive in presentation. It looks like I spent hours on their presentation when in actuality it only took minutes. My clients have been thrilled with their gift and I couldnât be happier!

Thanks for designing and sharing this client gift and powerful tool with our industry!â

All the best,

Melissa Johnson of MW Johnson Construction
The First To Visit website is one powerful PASSIVE marketing tool. It allows me to fully utilize my clients' sphere of influence without having to hassle with overstepping bounds in asking them to pass on my name.

We all would like our clients to tell everyone they know how they got such a great deal and spectacular customer service from our companies, but the reality is they may tell a handful of y2k clothing. It would be simply exhausting to try to market our services to all their friends and family. With this website, we can!

All they need to do is simply email their beautiful new home tour for their friends, family, and co-workers to visit, and they are instantly exposed to our services and testimonials. How easy is that? I think this is one client gift and marketing tool everyone should add to their arsenal, because last impressions are just as important as first impressions and this one gets results.

Dan Z., Vice President of Production at TEAM Mortgage Corp.
Hi Michelle,
I checked out the website and it is AWESOME! Very professional. I have been showing it to other people in my office as well. I think it would make a great gift to give to buyers.

Sue D. Counselor Realty
Very impressive!! I can see where your clients would love it! It gives them the opportunity to show their friends and family the new house - - and it creates a âsoft sellâ referral situation for you, the builder, and the lender.

Very nicely done!!

Jim L., Mortgage Banker, Victoria State Bank
As I have begun selling the FTV concept to Realtors I have discovered what I already knew, âWhat an ingenious conceptâ. Realtors instantly realized that this is the perfect client gift and an excellent marketing tool. I have received other comments from Realtors like âprofessional appearanceâ and âsimple and effectiveâ. I am excited as a Mortgage Banker because it solidifies the relationships I have with Realtors by providing them with another marketing tool to use as a client gift. In a competitive market like we have today we need every small advantage we can get over the âother guyâ. FTV gives me and my Realtors this advantage.

Chris Fredin, Mortgage Banker, Mortgages Unlimited, Inc.

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