Kite Aerial Photography
composite KAP image
On the following pages you will find photographs taken from a camera sent aloft under a kite.

The page designer (and in this case, photographer) has often been asked why? in reference to this hobby of attaching remote control cameras to kites. The answer, invariably, is: Why not?

click to enlarge The first photo shows the northern end of the school, Pitt St, Campbell St, St John's Cemetery and the Parramatta (and Sydney!) skyline.
click to enlarge Whoops! A bank to the right and the second photo shows a little more of the school, plus a class of PE students on the basketball courts.
click to enlarge A bit closer to earth, the (blurry) third photo shows both of our basketball courts in all their synthetic glory.
click to enlarge This one is not very exciting, but it does show you our lovely oval - empty save for one rubbish bin.

Click here if you would like to see some brief notes on how the above photos were taken.
Click here for information on the kites used at this site.
View the second page of KAP images, taken 5 weeks later (28/7/98)
Or, the third page, taken another 4 weeks later (27/8/98)
... or maybe the fourth page, featuring the kite-eating flame tree (11/9/98)
then there's the fifth page taken on the Vernal Equinox, this time using the Delta Conyne kite, rather than the flowform.
The sixth page (13/10/98) includes a shot of Old Government House, as viewed from 50m above our school oval.
Page seven doesn't introduce much new material, but they're good nonetheless. I call these ones "low and close".
The mystery of the game called "sphairee" is revealed to all in Gallery 8. (16/11/98)
Views to the east, northeast and west, plus a montage of five prints can be viewed here, on page 9.
The site of the 2000 Olympics©™ features in one shot. (1/12/98)
In a fairly bizarre twist, page ten features another school - but which one?
The first shots taken with the intervalometer-equipped Polaroid© (21/4/99) are shown here.
No wind for weeks - then finally! The second roll taken with the intervalometer-equipped Polaroid© - 3/6/99.
Again, a long break... then the third roll taken with the intervalometer-equipped Polaroid©
—including some spectacular disasters - 9/8/99.
Fascinating what you find out with a new perspective. Views from directly above the school in this, the last gallery of shots taken with the Polaroid© (19/8/99).
The maiden flight of the new Canon 3 channel rig lifts a rather hairy maiden aloft. See the aviatrix bunny rabbit in the fifteenth gallery; 5/3/00.

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