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Orion the Hunter
— October 2000 —

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Here is the rest of Orion.
The photo has been inverted to match the northern hemisphere view.
Poor old Orion looks really silly upside-down, and there isn't really any "up" in space...
The star whose name appears to be "Sinus" is actually Sirius, Canis Major, the "dog star" - and brightest star in the heavens.

This is a 5 minute guided exposure with an f3.5 28mm lens and 400 ASA film.

Click for more. At left is the "saucepan" asterism which makes up the belt and sword of Orion.
You can see it (upside-down) in the above photo.
Click here to see a detailed photo of this region, including the magnificent M42 nebula, and the location of the famous horsehead nebula.

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