The War Cries of Parramatta High School

In 1936, Mr Hedberg, the headmaster, introduced sports houses and war cries (some say 1938). So began a good deal of friendly interschool rivalry and competition which reached a peak at swimming and athletic carnivals.

After a recent article in Faxmentis - the newsletter for ex-students - students from this era have written to tell us that the war cries of their day are very different to those below.

Scroll down to see the 1930s war cry for Brisbane House and the Parramatta High School War Cry.

Rikki-tikki, rikki-tikki
Boom-bah, boom-bah
Rikki-tikki, rikki-tikki
We are here to lead the rest
Always prove that Batman's best
Batta-batta-bah, batta-batta-bah
Batman, Batman, rah rah rah.

Yarrawee, yarrawee, yah, yah, yah
Fitzroy, Fitzroy here we are.
Chillawarra, chillawarra, we can beat
Anyone we chance to meet
Bamwarra, bamwarra, yarrawee guy
Fitzroy, Fitzroy, do or die.

Boom a lacka, Boom a lacka, bow wow wow
Chick a lacka, Chick a lacka, chow chow chow
Boom a lacka
Chick a lacka
Who are we?
Marsden Marsden, can't you see?

Ego yah Ego yah
Kirrawarra kirrawarra ego yah
Ranga tanga rah
Ranga tanga rah
Brisbane Brisbane yah yah yah
Who are - who are - who are we?
Brisbane - Brisbane canít you see?

Brisbane War Cry 1930s

Bris, Bris, Bris, bane, bane, bane,
On the top, up we hop, time and time again.
Parramatta, Coolongatta, Wangaratta, Cabramatta,
Hee Haw, Wee Waa, chase 'em out to Bungendore.

House, house, house, Billabong, sing along, ho, ho, ho,
Wirrawong, Birrawong, ho, ho, ho,
High catches, low catches, canna we yah,
The House, the house, here we are.
Brisbane, Brisbane, yah, yah, yah.

Parramatta High School War Cry

No doubt sung with great gusto at CHS events and CanParra visits.

Boom jigga boom, boom jigga boom,
Boom jigga jigga jigga boom boom boom.
With a ha ha ha, here we are,
Parramatta, Parramatta yah yah yah.

Ego yah, ego yah, hi ti woppy guy,
Yarra, yarra poppy guy,
Whiskers in his gobba gobba.
Ego yah, ego yah,
Parramatta, Parramatta, yah yah yah.

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